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Project and Design

Our design and build service allows us to work on your project from scratch to finish and deliver both the design and planning and the building side of the project you contracted to us. Involving us right from the initial stage will enable us to assemble a highly skilled team to deliver the best results at each stage of the project, accelerating the entire process and ensuring that we are in tune with every building requirement.

Planning Application

Our planning application services give you a sense of what is possible. From planning application drawings & plans that support planning permission and building control. Let our engineers help you take the hassle and frustration out of the process to create your dream home.

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Interior Design

We’re here to help you create a home fitted to your lifestyle and personality. Our Interior Designers will help you with any project, large or small. Explore our Interior Design service below, and let's start a conversation on the phone, virtually, in your home or in our office.

Progress and Quantity

Our cost control service provide that  every type of construction project progress and quantity service. Our engineers calculate your cost control across with your project and define needs.

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Tender and Offer Preperation

In construction, tendering is a process for getting a contractor and agreeing on a price. Tendering is the process by which the client or employer invites contractors to place a bid for work on a construction project. Contractors' bids are based on the tender documents issued by the client. Erbay Construction Ltd provide tender and offer preparation construction service to all clients.