Primavera Trainings



                      The Most Popular Primavera Trainings Demanded

Primavera P6 Basic

Oracle Primavera Basic Course provides hands-on training for Primavera client-server based solution, leading participants through the entire project life cycle, from planning to execution.

Primavera P6 Advanced

Primavera P6 Advanced training provides in-depth project management training in P6. It Helps you to discover hidden functionality and get the most from Oracle Primavera.

Primavera Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis Course provides training for Primavera’s Risk Management solution. Participants will gain a thorough background in the basic concepts of risk management and mitigation.

Resource Management

Resoruce Analysis course provides in-depth resource management training in Primavera P6 and covers advanced topics such as rate types, managing resource over allocation, and leveling.

                     Oracle Primavera Training Types and Features

Online Instructor Led (live) Oracle Primavera Training


Online instructor-led live Primavera trainings are performed through Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams or such platforms by sharing trainers screen and voice simultaneously. Trainees are not required to have Primavera P6 license. Before the Primavera online training day, Primavera P6 and sample projects are installed on all attendants’ computers for educational purpose temporarily. Everyone simultaneously watches and listens to live instructor screen and voice while practicing their own computer. Computer speaker and microphone is required, webcam is not necessary. Primavera Trainer will be online like everyone attending the Primavera online class, so training is delivered in interactive ways. There will be both verbal and written communication between Primavera lecturer and students during training. Everybody in the online Primavera class can ask questions and get answers immediately.

Online trainings are performed every month for all levels. Planned Online Primavera training calendar for following months is announced earlier and registrants are signed up to join. Total course hours may vary depending on training types. Online trainings are delivered on either daytime or nights. Attendants can choose any date and time which is more convenient for them. For instance, training at nighttime may be more suitable for people who works during day.

Online Primavera training is best for companies and individuals who wish to get Primavera training at their comfortable environment like home or office with ease. Especially online night-time classes which starts after work time is extremely popular. No travel required. No social distance violations in pandemic conditions at all. All you need is an internet connection and computer. It is not required but recommended to have a second screen like additional monitor, tv, or even tablets help students to follow trainer and work on Primavera in their computer at the same time. Standard Primavera course curriculum are applied. Electronic documents, case studies, sample projects are given to all trainees. Professional development units (PDU) and successfully completion certifications by official Oracle Partner is provided.

     Oracle Primavera Project Management & Planning                                            Consulting Services

Proven Methodologies

The most successful Oracle Primavera Products implementations are delivered by experienced consultants using proven methodologies to take the risk out of your investment in Primavera. Call us so we can help.

Solid Experience

We make use of our deep experience to deliver the right combination of training, consultancy and Oracle Primavera to accomplish real change in your project portfolio management and planning processes.

Analytical Thinking

It is incredibly challenging and often impossible to avoid changes that can alter in its optimal schedule. But, in case they do, we are always prepared to resolve them in the most analytical and strategic approaches.

Defensive Approach

We can offer you a service that will not only make sure that we are analyzing your delays properly. But also work on recovering their consequences safely in case they unfortunately arise to protect and defend you.

Planning and Scheduling


We have real world scheduling expertise on various project driven industries and have a thorough knowledge of both Primavera P6 Enterprise and Primavera P6 Professional as well. We are available to join your project team at the planning stage in order to help you and turn your project scope and other project data into Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Dictionaries and a well thought, carefully considered Primavera P6 schedule.

Claim Management


Erbay Construction can provide a deep analysis of your project schedule to support a claim or your case in pre-litigation or dispute. We elaborately compare the initial baseline schedule versus current progressed work to reconcile who is responsible for delays and defend you by performing various delay analysis techniques such as window analysis, as built vs. as planned, impacted as planned, and but-for schedules.

Project Health Check


Based on your company’s specific needs and desired results, we identify existing weak points based on the industry’s best practices such as Project Management Institute (PMI), Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), or etc. Erbay Construction industry experts provide a simple but effective approach to achieve the best results after examining your project schedules and Oracle Primavera environments accordingly.

Project Risk Management


Our consultants at Erbay Construction have comprehensive experience in helping organizations and project teams improve risk planning and management. We can help you in implementing Risk Management system by reviewing all critical areas of your current environment and evaluate how well you are doing. You would be surprised to see that increases in cost and schedule are because of the problems that should have been foreseen.

Primavera Technical Support


We are able to solve any problems that are related server side or client computer, which you may encounter while utilizing Oracle Primavera. We provide database installations, disaster recovery, Primavera installations and re-installations, version upgrades, database upgrades, installing service packs and patches, as well as troubleshooting database connection issues regarding either Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL server.

Primavera Integration


Erbay Construction trainers combine real-world experience with Primavera expertise to deliver a rich, hands-on training experience. We have trained thousands of customers. Participate in one of our regularly scheduled open enrollment online instructor led live courses, onsite courses, one to one private sessions with our trainer, or customize a curriculum that suits your unique needs, or register in our self-paced, hands-on course.

                                                      What We Do

Erbay Construction is a team of dedicated professionals that specialize in various engineering disciplines and provide project management consulting services to our clients in different industries since 2021. Erbay Construction is also recognized as Official Primavera Products Representative and Oracle Certified Gold Partner, who are officially authorized to sell & distribute licenses, and deliver training, as well as provide consultancy services for all of the – Oracle Primavera Software

We do provide various professional consulting services including followings but not limited to:

  •  Implementing new project management methodologies on customers’ business environment

  •  Determining existing work processes and workflows, implementing new optimized improvements

  •  Analyzing and assessing customers’ need, documenting situations, designing, and modeling solution

  •  Instructing and lecturing the concept of Project Management in PMI Methodologies

  •  Giving presentations and providing training courses for Oracle Primavera software

  •  Creating elaborated project schedules with resource and cost loading in Primavera P6

  •  Developing schedules according to United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) specifications

  •  Preparing resource/cost loading reports in timescale, drawing early/late S-curves and histograms

  •  Loading man-hours, equipment, and quantities as resource/cost to project schedules

  •  Update project schedule according to site progress, comparing current versus baseline data

  •  Monitoring and reporting delays, determining impacts on milestones and resources

  •  Perform time impact analysis for claims, creating recovery schedules, updating baseline when needed

  •  Creating project update reports to track progress on site weekly and monthly

  •  Checking project health and performance via key performance indicators and another metrics

  •  Optimize and improve schedule performance by adjusting resource efficiency

  •  Calculate productivity rates depending on project performance as of data date

  •  Documenting and reporting regularly project slippage and variances

  •  Registering risk events, applying duration uncertainty and performing Monte Carlo Analysis

  •  Performing qualitative and quantitative project risk analysis, determining more realistic finish date

  •  Recommending corrective and preventive actions to take for expediting project and mitigating risks

  •  Preparing study contents, documents and instruction materials and illustrating issues on sample projects

  •  Ensuring common understanding of basis and fundamentals of Project Management as a profession

  •  Creating elaborated project schedules with resource and cost loading in Primavera P6

  •  Creating, planning, executing, and monitoring project as a Project Management Professional (PMP)

  •  Helping customers to build and create proven methodologies from lessons learned

  •  Resource and role-based requirement analysis, designing enterprise wide solution architecture

  •  Providing usage ('how to') and technical support for all versions of Primavera

  •  Preparing study contents, documents, and instruction materials such as sample projects and exercises

  •  Writing case studies for workshops, performing what if scenario analysis on lab classes

  •  Presenting the concept of Project Management in PMI Methodologies as Project Management Professional

  •  Recommending corrective and preventive actions to take for expediting project and mitigating risks

  •  Controlling and verifying changes to prevent discrepancies by comparing current vs. baseline

  •  Measuring performance by using EVM metrics such as SVI, CVI, CPI, SPI, ETC, VAC, TCPI, etc.

  •  Guiding, assisting, and controlling customers’ projects schedules as technical adviser and mentor

  •  Reviewing, checking, and correcting various project schedules for baseline approval or claims

  •  Helping customers to build project schedules as required in regulations

  •  Lecturing and delivering hands on training courses for Oracle Primavera P6 as a certified instructor

  •  Training project managers and engineers with role/case studies in Primavera P6 (basic & advanced level)

  •  Teaching Earned Value Management techniques, expressing best practices with simplified examples

  •  Determining more than one critical path by using detailed multiple total/free float paths technique

  •  Performing what-if analysis on project schedule with CPM tools and techniques

  •  Teaching Earned Value Management, expressing best practices with easy examples